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Innovation at Pulse is driven by PhDs and engineers who constantly ask, “What if…”  and go straight to “Let’s  try…”. Our commitment to innovation is apparent in our people and also in our facility and investments; for example, our fully-equipped metallurgy lab including a scanning electron microscope. We’ve invented new materials and manufacturing techniques that improve the performance of machined parts and assemblies, giving our customers a new competitive edge. We’ve developed and validated processes that ensure exceptional quality and lower their costs. What can we do to help you achieve the impossible?

New Materials Our patent-pending Ti-Nb-Si alloy is 30% stronger than commercially available grades of titanium. Our patented Pulse Advanced Coating Technology (PACT®) increases efficiency of electrical signals in electrodes and reduces polarization by 50%.

New Processes We developed and validated a unique process for laser texturing of surfaces before bonding, achieving a 300% increase in bond strength with a repeatable process.